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Michigan Weapons Crimes Defense Lawyer

Offenses where weapons are used in the commission of the crime are the most frequently charged and prosecuted in Michigan. A list of these offense include:

If you have been charged with any of the above offenses, you need an experienced attorney to provide the defense you will need. As a former Assistant Prosecuting Attorney I am familiar with the state’s protocols for investigating, charging, and prosecuting weapons crimes. This knowledge combined with my years of defending clients charged with weapons crimes gives me the ability to explore all possible defenses to your arrest and prosecution.

As in all other criminal cases the first line of defense is to question your arrest. Often the arresting officer will approach you without anything more than a hunch that you are carrying an illegal firearm. I have been successful in challenging cases where the only probable cause to investigate was based on racial profiling. Once the search is thrown out, so is the entire case against you. That is why you need to contact my office as soon as you are arrested. You need me to have your back at the earliest possible moment if you want any chance of beating the rap.

At Leslie Posner Law, I provide an aggressive and vigorous defense for my clients charged with any weapons related offense.

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