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Michigan Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

Allegations of Domestic Violence are serious and can damage a person’s reputation. It can also send you back to prison if you are on parole. That is why it is important to remember that just because you have been arrested and charged does not mean you have been convicted.

I am a Criminal Defense Attorney and former Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in the Child and Family Abuse Division of the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office. I specialize in defending individuals accused of Domestic Violence.

Conditions of Your Bond

After you are arrested for domestic violence, you will face harsh bond conditions once released from your mandatory 24 hour incarceration in the local jail including:

Additionally, once charged with Domestic Violence, you will NOT be able to return to your home after you have been released from jail until your case has been resolved or the terms of your bond has been changed.

Domestic Violence Defense

Domestic Violence cases are often “He said, She said” and there are always two sides to every story. Domestic Violence offenses can involve misdemeanor or felony charges; including possible jail time. As your lawyer, the very first thing I will do is obtain all discovery from the Prosecutor and determine whether there is any validity to the case. I can then discuss with you possible outcomes. Your case may be resolved by outright dismissal, a plea bargain agreement or your acquittal after trail.

To schedule an initial consultation, call me at Leslie Posner Law toll free (866-697-7404), locally 313-628-4711 or contact my law firm online today by filling out the form on the Contact page. I will help you understand your best options and protect your rights and work with you to resolve this terrible ordeal.

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