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Michigan Theft, Larceny and Property Crimes Defense Lawyer

Michigan criminal laws refer to the general crime of theft as "larceny." Not only is it a crime to steal in Michigan, it's a crime to knowingly receive or possess stolen property even if you didn't steal it yourself. A conviction carries substantial penalties. According to Michigan Law, a person commits Larceny by stealing money, goods, or other property from another person. Retail Fraud also known as Shoplifting is theft/larceny from a merchant, obtaining a fraudulent refund or swapping price tags.

If you are under investigation or you have been charged, it is important to have a clear understanding of your rights and defense options. As a former Assistant Prosecuting Attorney and an experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyer, I possess the knowledge and experience required to help my clients protect their rights and minimize the impact of a criminal allegation.

If you've been accused of a property crime, then you've been accused of taking, damaging or otherwise compromising someone else's property. There are many ways for property crimes to arise out of false accusations. There might be misunderstandings of ownership, or confusion in intent. Sometimes, the wrong person is accused. If you've been charged with any kind of property crime, I can help you fight the charges.

Classification and Punishment for Theft and Larceny in Michigan

Like many states, Michigan classifies theft and larceny offenses as misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the dollar value of the property that is the subject of the offense:

As your attorney, I will explore all of your defense and sentencing alternatives to ensure that you are able to achieve the best possible outcome in your case. In some cases, I may be able to show the prosecution that theft did not actually occur. You may have had no intent to take or keep the property, or the items in question were not actually removed, or the property belonged to you or was given to you.

To schedule an initial consultation, call me at Leslie Posner Law toll free (866-697-7404), locally 313-628-4711 or contact my law firm online today by filling out the form on the Contact page. I will help you understand your best options and protect your rights.

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