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Michigan Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorney

Whether your child is before the Family Division of Circuit Court or is being charged with a crime in the Adult Criminal Division you need an experienced, aggressive Michigan juvenile defense attorney to guide you through the maze of Juvenile Justice Proceedings and Provisions.

My name is Leslie Posner. As a former assistant prosecuting attorney and now practicing criminal defense and family law attorney, I have a deep understanding of various juvenile law issues. From my law office in Detroit, Michigan, I provide committed and knowledgeable services to juvenile clients in Wayne County, Oakland County, Livingston County, Macomb and Monroe Counties. If you require juvenile law assistance for any juvenile criminal matter, contact my law office at 866-697-7404 toll free, or 313-628-4711 to discuss your case.

There are various juvenile criminal law issues that I can assist with including:

Parents should also be aware that they can be charged with the costs of their child's incarceration and treatment if convicted of juvenile crimes, as well as damages committed by the child. My representation services includes procuring appropriate treatment and counseling services, negotiating sentencing alternative such as community service and probation, as well as, sealing juvenile criminal records.

No matter what the charge, I am commitment to providing your child with an aggressive, relentless and passionate advocacy. It is my highest priority that justice is served without threatening your child's future.

To schedule an initial consultation with me, Michigan juvenile law attorney at Leslie Posner Law, call me at 866-697-7404, or locally 313-628-4711 or contact my law firm online today by filling out the form on the Contact page. I will help you understand your best options and protect your minor child's best interests.

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