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Michigan Federal Internet Sex Crimes Attorney

The internet is the latest frontier for law enforcement. Most internet sex crimes involve minors which include:

Using the internet for these activities can bring the FBI or other government officials to your doorstep. You will want to say nothing until you talk to an experienced federal criminal lawyer. If you have been arrested and are under investigation, never proceed without contacting an attorney to protect your rights in any questioning. If you are facing federal sex crime charges, it is crucial that the attorney gets involved early in your case.

I Exploit Weaknesses In The Prosecution's Case

The early involvement of an experienced federal criminal attorney is essential to protect your rights. These types of cases require a defense strategy that will thoroughly dissect the government’s investigation. Often the search warrant is the first line of defense when the search of your home or business by Federal Agents was not executed in compliance with your constitutional rights. Equally important is acquiring a forensic expert to confirm or deny any of the government’s contentions that the computer dialogues or images are in fact attributable to you.

Because of my experience in this area I have a network of accomplished and respected experts that I will be able to provide if required to demonstrate your innocence or lack of culpability.

At Leslie Posner Law, I bring a can provide you with strong representation and an aggressive defense against Internet sex crime charges. Contact me today - 866-697-7404 toll free, or locally at 313-628-4711.

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