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At Leslie Posner Law I make sure that no client faces the powerful arm of the federal justice system without an equally powerful defense. Having worked both sides of a criminal case as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney, I understand how criminal cases are investigated, charged and brought to court.

My skills and experience help me build effective legal strategies to protect you from federal indictment and subsequent prosecution and conviction in cases involving these and other federal criminal charges:

Federal Prosecutors are Experienced and Well Funded

Federal criminal investigations and prosecutions are not handled the same as criminal cases in state courts. The law enforcement agencies that investigate federal crimes generally have unlimited resources, and staffed by experienced agents and investigators.

The following are a list of major reasons as to whether a criminal case is heard in a state or federal court:

Has Your Business Been Targeted for Alleged Food Stamp Fraud?

Has your grocery or business been the subject of either a federal or state search warrant to uncover alleged food stamp fraud? Has your business and/or personal assets been seized by the government as part of their investigation? If so, it is most likely because it has been alleged by either the U.S Attorney's Office or the State Attorney General's Office that you as the store owner or your employees have been allowing SNAP and WIC benefit recipients to use their Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards to exchange their SNAP or WIC benefits for cash. This is a very serious crime that can have extremely devastating consequences. Both Federal and State prosecutions can result in lengthy prison sentences as well as huge cash fines. As a Defense attorney with considerable experience in the area of food stamp fraud, I can navigate you through the mine field of this type of investigation.

Given the severity and complexity of federal criminal cases, I urge anyone who suspects that they are the target of a federal criminal investigation to immediately contact my office. Having an experienced federal law lawyer can make the difference between successfully fighting federal criminal charges or spending years in federal prison. The key to any kind of success is to contact my office as soon as you are aware that you are a target of such an investigation. And of course please do not try and explain why you are not guilty to any police investigators, federal agents, or state of federal prosecutors before we meet! Call Leslie Posner toll free at 866-697-7404, locally at 313-628-4711, or online be filling in the Contact page.

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