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Michigan Driving While License Suspended Attorney

Alcohol or drug related driving convictions? Didn't pay a traffic ticket? Didn't pay the Driver Responsibility Fee, or even behind in child support? These are some of the reasons why your license has been suspended. Driving while your license is suspended can lead to a permanent criminal conviction, and quite possible a jail cell.

At Leslie Posner Law, I am a criminal defense attorney with over a decade of experience in Driving While License Suspended cases. Many of my clients were unaware of the severity of DWLS. Driving While License Suspended, Revoked, Denied or Never Acquired is a misdemeanor charge that carries the following penalties:

To schedule an initial consultation, call me Leslie E. Posner, PLLC at 866-697-7404, or locally 313-628-4711 or you can even contact my law firm online by filling out the Contact form today. I can help you get on top of this unsuspecting offense and minimize its effects.

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