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Michigan Drug Crime Defense Attorney

Drug crimes from possession of marijuana to drug smuggling of heroin and cocaine, can be charged by the state or by the federal government. They also can range from local misdemeanor charges to State felony charges to Federal Indictments. At Leslie Posner Law, I am able to provide you with excellent representation in all of these matters. Obtaining the services of a qualified drug attorney, can help provide you with the best criminal defense possible. .

4th Amendment Rights in Drug Cases

In most drug cases the question of the legality of the search is always at issue. In a drug case evidence is usually collected during the search of a person, vehicle or home. Almost all drug cases begin the search and seizure by the police or federal agents of drugs and any other evidence connected its possession as well as the sales of the illegal substance. An experienced attorney will thoroughly investigate these searches and seizures for violations of your 4th Amendment rights that could get a case thrown out of court. Prior to and during these searches law enforcement officials must follow specific procedures to ensure that your Constitutional rights are protected. A well prepared motion stating that the search was performed contrary to the law could result in all the charges in your case being dismissed. At Leslie Posner Law, I first thoroughly review every search warrant and all police investigation materials to determine whether all the evidence in your case was legally obtained.

Regardless of the charges or the evidence collected by the authorities, almost all cases have the potential for a reduction of punishment or even an acquittal. This is determined by the strength of the prosecution’s case. As a former prosecutor I am fortunate to have an established professional relationship with many of the heads of the drug units at the various prosecutors’ offices throughout Michigan. This provides my clients with an attorney who not only possesses the knowledge but also the important connections helpful in achieving plea agreements from prosecutors who have the power to authorize the reduction or dismissal of charges.

I am a Michigan Drug Crime Attorney, and have broad experience in cases involving:

Michigan Medical Marijuana Laws

The Michigan Marijuana laws are constantly changing. A substance approved as medical marijuana one day is illegal to possess the next. Laws controlling the transportation of Medical Marijuana are also constantly going through revisions by the state legislature. These revisions always contain provisions that limit or entirely prohibit various types, uses and modes of transportation of medical marijuana.

If you are embroiled in legal problems related to the Michigan Marijuana Laws, you need an attorney thoroughly informed of the most current provisions contained in the Michigan Medical Marijuana act including all of its revisions.

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