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Michigan Appellate Lawyer

I provide appellate representation for clients who have been criminally convicted in both State and Federal courts. I also provide appellate representation for clients who do not achieve the desired results in Family Court Matters whether at trial or by court order.

My experience as a Wayne County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, a Criminal Defense attorney, and a Family Law Attorney provides me with a comprehensive understanding of Michigan law and how the appellate courts have interpreted that law.

In criminal cases you have an opportunity to seek review by the next higher court of any unfavorable trial outcome, guilty plea or court ruling. In family law cases you have an opportunity to seek review by the next higher court of any unfavorable trial outcome or court ruling. For many filing an appeal to a higher court will provide them a second chance to have their case fairly adjudicated. Although a costly process, for those deprived of a just result the first time around the expense is worth it.

Why Hire Leslie Posner Law?

I first conduct a thorough review of all transcripts, motions and court orders related to your case. This is the first major expense you will encounter. After a preliminary investigation I will be able to properly assess whether or not it is worth it for you to pursue appellate review. For this reason it is essential that my preliminary work be flawless and accurate. Because the nest step of preparing and presenting your appeal is also time consuming legal work, to continue will mean a second sizable financial commitment.

My experience and knowledge in this area of my law practice is only surpassed by my dogged commitment to provide a legally sound, meticulous presentation of your appeal to the higher court. I offer my solemn promise that I will fight tirelessly to accomplish the best appellate review for you. This determination is fueled by my fervent belief that my clients are at all times entitled to just and equitable outcomes that comport with the applicable law.

I have significant experience in evaluating the merits of your potential appeal, analyzing complex legal issues, researching the backgrounds and tendencies of the members of an appellate panel, and effectively communicating my client's position to the appellate panel through written briefs and oral presentations.

To schedule an initial consultation, call Leslie E. Posner, PLLC toll free 866-697-7404, locally at 313-628-4711 or contact my law firm online today by filling out the form on the Contact page. I will help you understand your best options and protect your rights.

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