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Attorney Leslie E. Posner


I do not view my career choice as a job… I view it as my calling

I started my legal career late in life which afforded me the added benefit of age and experience. I began practicing law as a Domestic Violence Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in Wayne County, Michigan. There I was responsible for preparing and prosecuting all of the Domestic Violence crimes committed in Detroit, Michigan. I personally handled more than 500 files of Domestic Assaults each month. The cases predictably arose out of domestic disagreements between spouses, single co-parents and domestic partners. From my exposure to hundreds of these types of matters I quickly recognized that many of the problems could have been avoided by at least one of the parties talking to a family law attorney for advice on possible solutions before emotions exploded.

After leaving the prosecutor’s office, I embarked on establishing a dual law practice focusing on criminal and family law. Since that time I have represented clients in all types of criminal and family cases, and sadly sometimes both criminal and family together. One particularly tragic case involved my client who was charged with criminal sexual behavior against his own child. This first resulted in a divorce. Then representation for the criminal proceedings initiated to terminate his parental rights. Finally he was prosecuted for the sex act. With my experience in family and criminal law as well as my commitment to the best outcome for my clients, I was able to provide experienced and effective representation in all aspects of his case.

Bar Admissions

Michigan and U.S. Supreme Court, 2000


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